Simon H. (age 46): 'After 10 years, the end in the branch came so suddenly. So I asked myslf: What do I really want to achieve? Through outplacement consulting I have created my own way and today I have successfully made a new start.'

Outplacement and Career Consultant

I will support you in the formulation of your own career in such a way that you will find your future job (employment or entrepreneurship) and will be in successful and satisfied in the long term (because self-determined).
This offer is, on the one hand for companies that would like to give a good new start to their dismissed employees and offer in this connection with outplacement, and on the other hand for the employees, as well.
This service extends to the successful taking up of a new job, ending with the probationary period in the new company or the first half year of the business start-up, respectively.

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